Infrastructures is a research-based photo project about the Russian and post-Soviet political economy, created in 2016-2019 by Sergey Novikov and Max Sher. Using documentary and staged photography, as well as writing, they look at and reflect on the political and cultural significance of both the physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, pipelines, etc., and 'infrastructure' of thinking and discourse that historically underpin the functioning of the State and power. The 360-page book consists of 50 chapters, each with photographs and an essay in English and Russian. By combining photographs and writing, Novikov and Sher also explore complex relationships and roles of photography and text within one body of work.

Sergey Novikov & Max Sher

25.7 x 16.2 cm (vertical)
360 pages
76 photographs + 50 essays
in English and Russian
Published by RecurrentBooks in 2019
Offset printing
Edition: 300
ISBN 978–5–600–00289–0

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Max Sher's second book Palimpsests is a photographic exploration of post-Soviet built environment looked at from the perspective of the everyday and discarding the exoticizing visual tropes that dominate the narrative about this area. Photographed between 2010 and 2017 in over 70 locations across five post-Soviet countries, it captures the typical and the most mundane elements of urban landscape that could be seen in almost any post-Soviet locality.

Published by Ad Marginem with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

160 pages
116 color photographs
Essays in English and Russian by Kate Bush, Curator of Photography at Tate Britain,
and Max Trudolubov, author of books on post-Soviet landscape and politics
+ a foreword by Nuria Fatykhova, coordinator, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Russland.
22.5x25 cm horizontal
Offset printing
Embossed cloth hardcover
Publication date: January 2018
Edition: 420
€45.00, $55.00 including shipping
ISBN 978-5-91103-405-4
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A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz

Max Sher's first book A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz examines how we perceive our past through images and what is the image of history in our collective minds. A collection of found photos edited into a poetic visual sequence plus a few images taken at the place where they had been found, the book also reveals a rare and unusual view of the private life of Soviet middle class in the 1960-80s.


Published by Treemedia
168 pages
97 color and 1 black and white photographs 
17.5x24 cm vertical
Digital offset
Embossed cloth hardcover 
with tracing paper jacket
and tipped-in image on the back
Publication date: August 2013
Edition: 200

€35.00 $45.00 + Shipping

ISBN 978-5-903788-21-7




Postcard Views: Russian Topographics

A set of 24 postcards with images from Russian Palimpsest project printed on the occasion of Max Sher's exhibition Postcard Views: Russian Topographics at MUAR Schusev Museum of Architecture Moscow. Postcards can be bought at Museum shop (Vozdvizhenka Street 5/25, Moscow), here on the website and at more locations to be announced soon.

24 color postcards

14.8x11.5 cm horizontal
Offset printing
Postcards 325 g
Cover 270 g
Cover golden-embossed
Publication date: December 2014
Edition: 300, hand-numbered
Printed by PrintRobot

500 RUB or €10.00 or $12.00 including shipping