A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz

Max Sher's first book A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz examines how we perceive our past through images and what is the image of history in our collective minds. A collection of found photos edited into a poetic visual sequence plus a few images taken at the place where they had been found, the book also reveals a rare and unusual view of the private life of Soviet middle class in the 1960-80s.


Published by Treemedia
168 pages
97 color and 1 black and white photographs 
17.5x24 cm vertical
Digital offset
Embossed cloth hardcover 
with tracing paper jacket
and tipped-in image on the back
Publication date: August 2013
Edition: 200

€35.00 $45.00 + Shipping

ISBN 978-5-903788-21-7




Postcard Views: Russian Topographics

A set of 24 postcards with images from Russian Palimpsest project printed on the occasion of Max Sher's exhibition Postcard Views: Russian Topographics at MUAR Schusev Museum of Architecture Moscow. Postcards can be bought at Museum shop (Vozdvizhenka Street 5/25, Moscow), here on the website and at more locations to be announced soon.

24 color postcards

14.8x11.5 cm horizontal
Offset printing
Postcards 325 g
Cover 270 g
Cover golden-embossed
Publication date: December 2014
Edition: 300, hand-numbered
Printed by PrintRobot

500 RUB or €10.00 or $12.00 including shipping