Maxim, programmer, with a photo of late Czech president and former dissident Vaclav Havel
Olga, web designer
This man refused to give his name or occupation, saying 'I am them' and pointing to the crowd of protesters.
Pavel, a banker, with a slogan 'Pu, be afraid of Bandar Logs', referring to the infamous phrase prime minister Putin employed to refer to the protesters ('Come to me, Bandar Logs'), himself referring to R. Kipling's Jungle Book. Kipling's character python Kaa was played as 'Puu' in a recent mock show Citizen Poet.
Dmitry, journalist, with a blank white badge - one of the symbols of the current protests
Denis, programmer, with a sign cursing prime miniser Putin in Chinese, he said, for fear of being accused of extremism.
Uncle Valery, designer
Pavel, engineer, with a sign that may be loosely translated as 'Churov, you failed your maths exam' (Vladimir Churov is the chairman of the Central Election Commission, accused of massive fraud during the last parliamentary elections)
Anastasia, a TV worker
Adele, project manager at a US company
Yevgenia, IT specialist, with a slogan that may be loosely translated as 'Little Hamsters are Enraged and Will Now Show What is What' ('Networking Little Hamsters' is a derogatory term that the pro-Kremlin media and spin doctors employ to refer to office workers')
Anya, an activist with the NGO Citizen Observer, handing out white ribbons - the symbol of current protests, to which prime minister Putin infamously referred to as 'condoms'
Olga, TV worker
Ivan, designer
Tanya, student
Yulia, a real estate businesswoman